COVID-19 info: All you need to know about our safety and operational measures

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Is SkyPark Regional Aviation Centre (RAC) located at SkyPark Subang Terminal?

Don’t get it wrong! SkyPark Regional Aviation Centre (RAC) is based in Subang but not located at SkyPark Subang Terminal. Known as a comprehensive and integrated hangar complex with meeting, incentives, conferences and event facility, SkyPark RAC is located few minutes away from the terminal.

Is SAS 2022 open for public?

Yes! SAS 2022 will be opened for public visitors during the final day, 10th September 2022. We welcome everyone especially aviation students as EDU Open Day will be held on this day.

Will there be a walk-in registration?

As we have a daily limit on number of visitors at SAS 2022, there will be no walk-in registration available during the event day. Visitor’s registration will only be available online and visitors are advisable to pre-register to secure a spot. Secure your spot today before it’s too late!

Are children allowed attend to the event?

Children above 16 years old are allowed to attend SAS 2022 with the strict standards of health and safety precautionary measures including wearing a mask at all times.